About Me

Hey! I am Harmandip Singh, I am a Philosopher and study Philosophy at King's College London. Prior to this I had studied A levels Politics, Sociology and Spanish. I completed my primary, elementary and middle school education in Italy. I have always been a law enthusiast, and following that I work as an Associate at 786 Law Associate, where I work on European Legal Matters. 

 My next target is securing a training contract at one of the TOP Law Firms in the UK, so that I can gain more experience in the field of law from International firms that assimilate to my ethos. 

I aim to become a Judge at the Court of Appeal in the UK.

Further to my legal work, I volunteer as a teacher at Karamsar Punjabi School since 2017, and Raj Academy Conservatoire from 2021. My other hobbies are learning languages, playing the Dilruba, a Sikh Musical Instrument, and singing.  Furthermore, I organize camps for students during the months of April, I organize yearly events with Raj Academy and intensive camps for all age groups during the period of holidays.