My deep interest in philosophy began with a fascination for the fundamental questions about existence, ethics, and human nature. Studying philosophy at university was a natural choice for me, as it allowed me to explore these profound topics while honing my analytical and critical thinking skills. The rigorous training in logic and argumentation I received has been invaluable, providing me with a solid foundation for a career in law. Philosophy taught me to dissect complex problems, construct coherent arguments, and approach issues from multiple perspectives. These skills are essential in the legal field, where the ability to think critically and argue persuasively can make a significant difference. My philosophical studies have also instilled in me a strong ethical framework, which I believe is crucial for pursuing justice and fairness in the legal profession.

I have been working at the firm since 2021, being an immigrant myself, helping others navigate through their immigration processes gives me great joy, since I have joined the firm, I have worked on many challenging cases and this has helped me to realise my passion for law, I have developed my understanding of legal terminology. During my time at the firm I performed effectively the tasks of legal research, so that the necessary law and precedence is applied to the correct case. Additionally, I spent time in drafting letters and emails including applications for the relevant case, drafting witness statements, applying the appropriate format required for each application, at the same time I used my time to effectively reviewing documents. I am very often delegated to deal with client queries, and from there I developed my communication skills, learning how to clearly express the situation to the clients. I still continue to learn something new everyday as immigration legislations are changing and developing.

As a Punjabi language teacher, my role is to impart not only the linguistic skills but also the rich cultural heritage embedded in the language. I strive to create an engaging and immersive learning environment where students can develop fluency and confidence in reading, writing, and speaking Punjabi. Utilizing new approaches to language teaching, I incorporate multimedia resources, interactive activities, and technology-enhanced learning tools to make lessons more dynamic and accessible. For instance, I use online videos and games both in groups and individually to bring the vibrancy of Punjabi culture into the classroom. Additionally, I emphasize communicative language teaching, encouraging students to practice conversational skills in real-life scenarios, which helps them to connect more deeply with the language and culture. My goal is to make learning Punjabi a joyful and meaningful journey for my students.